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A Wheel of Visualisations

Visualisations to follow the Pagan wheel of the year, from Samhain through to Mabon.

“It s early as you enter the field through the five bar gate. Walk along the edge of the field, past the hedge that has recently been cut and laid. You can smell the sap as it rises to give life to new bud and blossom. You hear the rustling of the creatures as they rise to greet the day, a fox watches you across the ploughed earth as he returns from a night s hunting.”

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Positive Pathways

Ten visualisations or ‘positive pathways’ leading toward spiritual and physical healing and well-being.

“It’s late spring, take a wander along the lane, past the hedgerows heavy with hawthorn blossom, wild woodbine winding its way through the branches. The bluebells are fading. You are accompanied by a robin who keeps just a few feet ahead all the time hopping from twig to fence post. Ah; the gate to the field go through, the sheep watch as you close the gate and the robin twitters.”

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Wolfram’s Words

This is Wolfram’s book of pagan verse.


Arise from winter slumber deep
A date with summer Sun to keep
The Phallus of the Merry May
Erect to celebrate, this,
Beltane Day.
Now walk amongst the forest glade
Old friends and some now newly made
Enjoy the love and scented air
Gather blossom, braid,
Your Beltane hair.
Let Beltane fire your life purify,
Embrace the warmth with Mother Earth
Rise up and never die.
Now celebrate the God reborn,
On this fair Beltane morn.
Wolfram ‘05

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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