I am about to embark on a new venture. I am nervous and excited and wanted to share.

I shall be leading guided mediation classes in 2010. I have been writing them for a while and have produced a couple of small booklets. Friends who I have given the booklets to have asked me to read for them and we all enjoyed the experience, so when I was asked to do classes I decided to give it a try. I shall be working in too different local venues.

There are lots of reasons that people meditate. Some may just need a quite time for themselves and may find it a great help in their busy and stressful lives. It aids your mind, teaching you how to hold your focus and it relaxes your body. I hope that after each session people will not only feel better in themselves but will take positive feelings with them to enrich the daily lives.

If you are interested in attending my meditation sessions, please get in touch by email.

Here is a short version of a piece of my work:

Glorious Golden Autumn Day

It’s a golden glorious autumn day; you decide to go for a walk. You pack your rucksack with garden harvest for your lunch. Salad leaves, radish, tomatos. Potato salad made with home grown potatoes and herbs. Fresh baked bread rolls you made today and apples from your tree. To drink you can’t decide between the elderberry cordial or a fruit wine … so you take both.

Boots on, pack on your back, Staff in hand and off you go.

You walk a few lanes to begin with then follow a footpath sign, along past hedgerows… ooh a few hazelnuts, pick a handful, not all leave some for the woodland creatures.

Autumn is in the air a slight edge to the breeze now and again, but the days are still very warm, so the lanes and hedges are still heavy with lush growth and fruits to pick. Passing fields that have recently been harvested, the crops rolled into those large round bales and further on the more traditional rectangle bales in stacked. By now its early afternoon so you decide to stop for your picnic…

While enjoying your harvest food you ponder the ways of hay baling, from the large bales in black plastic that litter the field today, the manageable bales that are serving as your seat while you eat … to haystacks; You can see corn stooks in your minds eye, someone is laughing and yelling children are running in and out of the stooks. Farmer’s children dressed in rough tweed breeches, rough cotton shirts, girls in pinafores…Then you realize there are several adults relaxing as couples, in groups, friends, all farm laborers and families. Enjoying a break the hard work of harvesting, scythes cast on one side while they eat their bread, cheese, fruits and drinking cider … laughing and relaxing in the sun. A couple appear pulling bits of straw from their hair and clothing to be welcomed to the group with much cheering and smiles. They blush, laugh and help themselves to food.

You drink from you tankard… it’s not cider…. It’s your fruit drink. Then realize that you are on your own, no families, lovers…

Was it a daydream …

Was it a memory …

Was Mother Earth remembering …

You finish your picnic everything tastes sweeter, fresher. Pack your bag, pick up your staff, step out on your journey … sweeter …fresher.


5 Responses to “Meditation”

  1. Erin~ Moonbaby Says:

    That is really awesome! I wish I lived coser to you so I could hear you read this! You are really talented!

  2. silverethers Says:

    Thankyou Erin …. its nice to recieve posative feed back …. Blessings

  3. Ottie Says:

    I have been reading your meditations. I was so glad you sent them to me and only wish I could have you going through them with me. Even without that, I have found them really great. I can do an automatic relax now which I couldn’t before. I feel the stress draining out of me and a warmth replacing it.

    What effect it would have if I were actually there with you …. I daren’t think! Thanks again SE – excellent stuff!

  4. silverethers Says:

    Ottie when we are old ladies we can sit together on some ancient stones, I will read for you in the sun with the scent of heather around us … and a bottle of mead for afters… (((hugs)))

  5. Ottie Says:

    And in the meantime, dear friend, we will read each other’s web sites and meditations and know that our hearts and minds are melded forever. Wass Hael and blessed be.

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